Story of an Avaricious Monk

by Michelle Fortes
3 mins read
Audio Story
Voiced by Amazon Polly

Once upon a time, there was a monk who was known for his extreme avarice. He had a large collection of coins, jewelry, and gold and silver pieces, all of which he had acquired through various means. The monk was not content with his hoarded wealth and wanted more. He decided to travel to distant lands in search of more wealth.

He travelled far and wide, visiting many cities and towns, searching for treasures. One day, while passing through a small village, the monk noticed a large temple that was very richly decorated. He was fascinated by the temple and decided to enter it. He was welcomed by the priest, who was the guardian of the temple. The monk was captivated by the beauty of the temple and the treasures it contained. He asked the priest if he could purchase some of the items in the temple. The priest, however, refused to sell any of them. The monk, however, was not deterred. He offered the priest a large sum of money if he could just have one item from the temple. The priest refused again, but the monk persisted. He offered more and more money, until finally, the priest agreed.

The monk was delighted and quickly purchased one of the temple’s most valuable items, an old gold and silver statue of a deity. He took his prize and left the temple, feeling very pleased with himself. But the monk’s happiness was short-lived. As he left the temple, a storm broke out. The wind was so strong that it blew the statue out of his hands. It flew far away and landed in a river. The monk was devastated. He had lost his prized possession, and his avarice had cost him dearly.

He returned to the temple and told the priest what had happened. The priest, however, was not surprised. He said to the monk, “Your avarice brought you here, and it has now brought you misfortune. Be content with what you have and be satisfied with it.” The monk learned a valuable lesson that day. He never attempted to acquire wealth through greed again, and instead dedicated himself to helping others.

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