Putting the World Right

by Stories

Daddy came home one day with a torn up map of the world and asked his son to put the map right again. In exactly ten minutes the boy was back with the map in perfect condition.

Though the boy had no idea of geography, he had done the puzzle right in record time. Daddy wondered how his son could have done it so well. When asked by his father, the boy said, ‘All I did was to put the man right and the world came out right.’ Indeed, there was the picture of a man at the back of the map.

There is nothing wrong with the world. The world will always be what man wants to make of it. If he acts responsibly  and with tolerance things will always be right with the world.

Man is to a great degree a creature of his own making and, when made as he ought to be made, is destined to hold no trival place in the creation.-Edmund Burk

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Dinkar Rao September 15, 2020 - 8:57 am

Can I quote stories in my writings duly acknowledging your name?


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