The logic of ease !

by Michelle Fortes

Our heart beats 72 times per minute. In a day, it pumps 7000 litres of blood. My domestic water tank is of 1000 litres. The heart pumps 7 such water tanks in a day. Of this, 70% blood goes to brain and the remaining 30% goes to other parts of the body. One beat takes 0.8 second, out of which 0.3 second it takes to contract and 0.5 second to relax. During this relaxation time of 0.5 second, the blood goes to the lung and gets purified. When this time of relaxation is reduced, the blood doesn’t get purified completely.
Now, what happens when you are in tension or in anger ? The brain needs more blood. So the heart relaxes lesser. It relaxes only for 0.4 second instead of relaxing for full 0.5 second, this the beat taking 0.3+0.4=0.7 second instead of 0.8 second. That makes 84 beats per minute. Heart’s relaxation time reduces by 20%, whereas purification achieved is only 80% ! Owing to this impure blood, the system doesn’t get cleaned properly. Hence, do not become angry, remain tension-free. If you love others, your heart beats will be maintained at the pace of 72 per minute, without increasing, and your brain will remain active ! This only is the crux of the technique of blood circulation !

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