Surrender to the guru

by Michelle Fortes

🌷 II नारायण स्मृति II 🌷

🚩Even when I was young I used to wonder about NEIVEDYAM TO GOD and have asked my parents.. Will God come and eat ? and sometimes even waited curiously to see HIM in action. But then my parents were not able to give me an acceptable explanation. I was just advised to have BELIEF. 🙁

🚩Here is a very good explanation with which I was able to convince my kids…😊😊😊

🚩A Guru-Sishya conversation. 🙏

🚩The sishya who doesn’t believe in God, asked his Guru thus :

🔺”Does God accept our ‘neivedhyam’? If God eats away the ‘prasadham’ then from where can we distribute it to others? Does God really consume the ‘prasadham’, Guruji?”

🔺The Guru did not say anything. Instead, asked the student to prepare for classes. 

🔺That day, the Guru was teaching his class about the ‘upanishads’. He taught them the ‘mantra’: “poornamadham, poornamidham, poornasya poornaadaaya….” and explained that: ‘every thing came out from “Poorna or Totality.” (of ishavasya upanishad).

🔺Later, everyone was instructed to practice the mantra by-heart. So all the boys started praciting. After a while, the Guru came back and asked that very student who had raised his doubt about Neivedya to recite the mantra without seeing the 📖 book,  which they did. 

🔺Now the Guru gave a smile 😊 and asked this particular sishya who didn’t believe in God: ‘Did each of you really by-heart everything as it is in the 📖 book? The sishya said: “yes Guruji, I’ve recited whatever is written as in the 📖 book. 

🔺The Guru asked: “If you have taken every word into your mind then how come the words are still there in the 📖 book? He then explained:

🔺”The words in your mind are in the SOOKSHMA STHITI (unseen form). The words in the book📖 are there in the STOOLASTHITI (seen).

🔺God too is in the ‘sooksma sthiti’. The offering made to Him is done in ‘stoola sthiti’. Thus, God takes the food in ‘sookshmam’. Hence the food doesn’t become any less in quantity.

🔺While GOD takes it in the sookshma sthiti,  we take it as ‘prasadam’ in ‘stoola sthiti’.

🔺Hearing this the sishya felt guilty for his disbelief in God and surrendered himself to his GURU.

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