Mother and Father

by Michelle Fortes

One who loves with eyes closed, is a *Lover*.

One who loves with eyes open, is a *Friend*.

One who loves with eyes        staring, is a *Spouse*.

One who loves till you close your eyes, is a *Mother*.

One who loves without an expression in the eyes, is a *Father*.


*Mother* – Introduces you to the world.

*Father* – Introduces the world to you.


*Mother* : Gives you life

*Father*   : Gives you living


*Mother* : Makes sure you are not starving.

*Father*  : Makes sure you know the value of starving


*Mother* : Personifies Care

*Father*: Personifies Responsibility


*Mother* : Protects you from a fall

*Father* : Teaches you to get up from a fall.


*Mother* : Teaches you walking.

*Father* : Teaches you walk of life


*Mother* : Teaches from her own experiences.

*Father* : Teaches you to learn from your own experiences.


*Mother* :  Reflects Ideology

*Father* :  Reflects Reality


*Mother’s* love is known to you since birth.

*Father’s* love is known when you become a Father.


Enjoy what your father says.

Keep loving your mother.


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