Indian humor

by Michelle Fortes

👩Wife:How much do you love me👨Husband:l love you so much ,l can’t measure.👩Wife:No just tell me in👨Husband:Okay, l am like a cell phone & you are my sim card, l am nothing without you.👩Wife:wow! dats so romantic.👨Husband:(saying to himself):Thank God she doesn’t know l’m a China phone, with FOUR sim cards………Hahahahahaha😃Don’t laugh alone 😃……pass it on
AMERICAN LIFE STYLE..——————————DAUGHTER: Sorry Dad, I got married yesterday.. Forgot to invite U..
DAD: U naughty.. It’s Ok.. But Don’t forget next Time..😜😜😜😜.
——————————Population Comparison :————————– ..INDIAN : I hav 4 sis & 3 bro. Wat abt U?AMERICAN : I hav no sis or bro.Bt I hav 4 Moms from 1st dad, 3 dads from 1st mom…
Britisher : Y u indians differ in colors, look we R all white..?
AbdulKalam: Horses r in different colors but donkeys r all the same..!
Send 2 all Indians… …😜😜😜World’s laughter day today…

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