Docs jokes

by Michelle Fortes

One for docs

The aircraft ✈ was cruising at 3⃣5⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ feet.

Everyone had just finished having their dinner🍝🍛🍴🍷

Sitting in economy class , row 2⃣2⃣ seat 🅱, was an Anesthetist..
Wiggling his toes in an attempt to prevent DVT.

As he sipped a complimentary glass of water 🍸, a frantic message came over the public address system 📣;
“Anesthetist urgently needed for someone in Business Class!”

Hoping that someone else would get up, our Anesthetist 👷 pretended not to hear 🔇and looked out of the window.

The call came again 📢;
“Please … we urgently need an Anaesthetist for someone in Business Class ”

Perhaps this was serious..
Why did they need an Anesthetist ??
Maybe it was a cardiac arrest 💔..!!

Trying to recall the ABC’s ,
The Anesthetist got the attention 🙋 of one of the cabin staff 💃.

They were so relieved 🙌;

“Thank you Sir, for volunteering to help us 🙏.
There is this gentleman 👨 who needs your urgent assistance in ⬆Business Class⬆ “.

The anesthesiologist was taken to the Business Class section.

There was so much space 👈👆👉.
It was another world compared to the cramped Economy Class 👉👈..

But where was the patient ??
There were only a few passengers , and all were asleep 😴😴 except one of them who was reading a newspaper 📰..

Nobody seemed to be in any distress. This was perplexing..

Suddenly the man reading the newspaper 📰 looked up.
He was a rather well fed gentleman 👔 and had a grumpy voice;
” Are you an Anesthetist ?”

“Yes .. ?”
“Oh .. that’s great! 👍
I am an Surgeon 🔪🔨🔧 , and have been looking for an Anesthetist ..
So glad that they managed to find 1⃣…”

This was getting frightening 😳😳😣..

Was this man trying to do surgery ✂✂ in this aircraft ✈ ?

The nervous 😤 Anesthetist managed to ask ;
“How may I help you ?”

The surgeon replied;

“Well I have been trying to read this newspaper 📰 …but the reading light 🔦 isn’t aimed correctly..

Can you please adjust it for me ….”👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽😜

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