Bad Beans

by Michelle Fortes

Once when we were small our cook Mary used to cook beans, but before she cooked the beans, she picked the bad and dirty beans and threw them at our backyard and only cooked the good beans.
But when the rain came, the dirty and bad beans became seed that was in the ground and sprouted to be a plant. This plant grew up to give flowers and vegetables and fruits which looked beautiful; Interestingly, that same person who threw the bad beans away started harvesting them; and she starts to see that the beans she threw away some time ago had value. She knew that the bad beans has the inert capacity of growing good beans. This is the rule of nature.

It’s the same with life. Have you not seen bad people turning into a good person . It is the courage to know yourself and turn into a new leaf.

Sometimes people may see you as useless and good for nothing but the effort you put in life and give to society will be seen in time. Many times with the bad seed , a tiny good seed could be thrown away. Thus sprouting into a plant and produce vegetables and fruits.

The rainy season of our life gives us another opportunity to sprout into a plant .

Now let me tell you

1. Don’t cry when people throw you at the backyard,
2. Don’t cry when they reject you,
3. Don’t cry while they are looking down at you.
4. Some may see you as burden.
5. Some may say you are too dull.
6. Some may say it was because of your past mistakes .Don’t worry.

The rain is coming and the same people who are rejecting you will see wonders in your life and invite you! So don’t stop growing… Growing is your inert capacity…. Live life to the fullest.

Just Encourage Someone….🙏

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