You are indispenceble

by Michelle Fortes

​”Nothing can be more stupid than to think that you are indispensable”

During May 2016, about 20 of us went to trek Panchchuli peaks in Himalaya, an excursion for about 10 days. 

My friend Rasochi, HR Head of a medium size Company in Pune, a diehard workaholic,  who always thought that he was indispensable for the Compnay, unwillingly agreed to join us. 

Actually, one of the prime reason behind his joining the trek was the medical report which showed his sugar to be on the border. 

We flew from Pune to Delhi and from their took a train to Kathgodam and then travelled in a bus to a place on the Indo-Nepal Border, called Dharchulla, a truly beautiful small town in Himalaya. 

Fortunately for Rasochi, upto this point telecom signals were functional and Rasochi every now and then kept on calling people in his Dept and enquiring that everything was OK there. He was hardly part of the discussions and the fun which rest of us were enjoying all this while. 

And then no sooner we left Dharchulla for our onward trek to Panchchuli , the telecom signals simply disappeared  for about 6 days and Rasochi was just like without oxygen.

He constantly kept on worrying about his company back home and just did not pay any attention to the scenic beauty of Himalaya, hence did not enjoy it at all. 

We all kept on persuading him to forget it and enjoy the majestic Himalaya, but somehow he wasn’t prepared to listen. 

After six days of mesmerising trek, when we came back to Dharchulla, Rasochi was excited for the first time as now he started getting the signals. He immediately dialed his deputy to find out as to how the things were there since he last spoke with him, hoping to hear that there were crisis after crisis in the company since he left for the trek. 

And the reply which Rasochi got from the other side, brought tears in the eyes of Rasochi and it was,

 “Sir ever since you have gone from here, everything is absolutely fine. Please don’t worry and don’t hurry, take your time and enjoy your trek”. 

Rasochi did not know what to say and where to look. He kept the phone down, eyes closed, sat in the chair for a while. 

And then after a while opened his eyes, turned to the group captain and said, “Boss my trek starts now and so also my life.” 

Thereafter, for next 3 days until we returned back to Pune, Rasochi was a star, mingling with everyone and enjoying every moment. Because, finally it dawned on Rasochi, that on this earth, no one is indispensable, not even Sikander or likes of him. 

But has it dawned on you as well ?? If not, then please remember, “Nothing can be more stupid than to think that you are indispensable”. 

Give your best in everything and be the star performer that you are but without thinking that you are indispensable. 👍👍👍👍

Wishing you the best times, always. 💐💐💐

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