Women in love

by Michelle Fortes

Thank you, MayaKutty for sharing this 💕
“A woman in love is drunk with something. There’s a chemical syrup that permeates her cells, a place in her being where hormones meet God. It’s hell or heaven or both. If we could harness its power, we could heal the world…for a woman in love can do anything.
If she is not in love, she lacks energy. If she is spurned in love, she can lack the will to live. Most men have no idea of the lengths to which a woman will go for love, or the depths of her despair when she feels cut off from it.
Women NEED to be in love: with themselves, with a man, with a child, with a project, with a job, with their country, with the planet, and most importantly – with life itself.
Women in love are closer to enlightenment… For angels and lovers everything sparkles.”
Marianne Williamson…..’A Woman’s Worth’…..<3

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