Woman’s day advise

by Michelle Fortes

For kind attention of ladies, sharing few things that another woman learnt out of her experiences with life –  
1.Take care of your health. Spend time n money on maintaining yourself.

2.Learn to be independent. Its perfectly ok to not earn, but its important to be  independent.

3.Learn to ride that bike or drive that car. You don’t always need an escort!

4.Learn about investments and taxes. Its not necessary to have someone else manage your savings n earnings all your life. 

5.Plan and save for your own gifts n desires. You don’t always need a boyfriend or husband or your dad to buy you something you love. Gift yourself! 

6.When you expect equal pay at work, take equal responsibilities. Its not ok to play the “woman” card or “mother” card and shun tough tasks, working weekends or late nights everytime.

7.Take equal responsibility of your parents. Its not acceptable to expect everything from your brother everytime.

8.Let the father take care of the unwell child once in a while. Its ok. Your career is equally important and the father is equally responsible.

9.Let other family members take care of your kitchen sometimes. Its ok if the kitchen platform is exceptionally unclean or sink is full of dirty vessels. Relax n take that break!

10.Help the other woman, even if you dont like her 😉  You never know what her battles are. Empower the needy ones, like your maids. Teach her basics of hygiene, education and finances.

11.Create a support system. Its ok to get on well with inlaws! Not every family needs to have a saas-bahu drama.

12.Have some friends (men and women) beyond your husband’s or boyfriend’s group. Its ok ! Spend some time away from family with your friends.

13.Its ok to not cry. Not all women need to be senti all the time 😉

14. Be vigilant, be prepared to handle tough situations. When things go wrong, try to be balanced and find way out of your problems. You don’t need to play the victim.

15. Find time to read and keep yourself updated.

16.Raise independent, caring and health conscious kids. Make all family members equally accountable and responsible.

17. Create different girlie groups. Share your problems and seek opinions. Finally take your own decision and be confident about it.

18. Spend some time in doing what you like, even if its just sitting idle. Dont feel guilty about it, just because others feel its worthless.

19. Believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will 🙂

20. If you do not agree with any of the points mentioned above, ignore n move on ☺

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