Water problem

by Michelle Fortes

‚ÄčThe solution is so simple for any problem

We are facing mega dangers like depletion of water, high usage of plastic, the food trend that takes us to the dangerous diseases, the so called white collar jobs that makes a man mad, not getting a proper job according to our educational qualification and so on.

The solution to such problems is always simple and realistic.

1. We can save water in each village by directing the water to lake, ponds or well

2. We can carry bags to buy vegetables and other groceries instead of getting plastic bags from the shop

3. Planning our day with good, natural and homemade food that prevents us from going to hotels

4. Maintaining a garden in our house that gives us food, good physical exercise and this would ensure that we are living in a green world

5. Start any business according to your interest and run it without expecting any profit for 2 years. This would lift you high more than your imagination
If we take any problem, the solutions is so simple only if we start analyzing our life and little more if we become disciplinarians
May this universe be blessed with all goodness
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