by Michelle Fortes

​To all those who are still thinking of voting for those major kingdoms (parties) full of corrupt, criminal, family, caste and communal candidates.. Here’s something you can think of before pressing the button..
When you press that EVM button next to any of those party’s symbol, what you approve of are these:
You approve of their mind numbing amount of corruption. 

 You approve to be a slave to these two parties not able to question even their lowest party workers out of fear.

 You approve of the goondaism and absolute dictatorship of their regime.

 You approve of all the land grabbing that they do.

 You approve of the degradation and the humiliation you face in every government office.

 You approve of their maladministration and zero accountability in governance.

 You approve of their indecent and megalomaniacal banner culture.

 You approve of their absolute arrogance and don’t give a damn when committing crime attitude.

 You approve of their swindling without conscience of all our natural resources.

 You approve of bribery as a way of life in our state.

 You approve of their total neglect to agriculture and the concerns of our poor farmers.

 You approve of the absolute callousness shown by them in protecting our human rights.

 You approve of their suppression of our right to speech and expression.

 You approve of their exploitation of our poverty and turning us in to beggars.

 You approve of their plan to turn us all in to drunkards for their own profits.

 You approve of their divisive politics based on caste and religion.

 You approve of their lies and deceit.

 You approve of their illegal accumulation of wealth from all our hard earned tax money.

 You approve of the horrible infrastructure and development in our state.

 You approve of their systemic destruction of the very fabric of our great state.
If you are still okay with all this and ready to vote for them saying you don’t have other options, then understand this: You are the reason why our country is so screwed up. You failed to exercise your common sense and reasoning and you have bought into their lies and failed to do your duty as a citizen. I leave the rest to you. ‪#‎ThinkBeforeYouInk‬

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