Turn your dog to be a wet cat

by Michelle Fortes
  • Once upon a time A king was traveling in a boat with his favorite dog. *
  • There was also a philosopher with other passengers in that boat. *
  • The dog had never traveled in the boat before, so he was not comfortable with the boat rocking and the fear of being afloat on water. *
  • He started jumping and running and not letting anyone sit in peace. *
  • The sailor was troubled by the dogs restlessness as he jumped around and thought that in such a situation the boat would sink due to the panic of the passengers. *
  • He will also drown and will drown others. *
  • But the dog was jumpy due to his nature. *
  • The king was angry at seeing such a situation, but he could not understand any way to improve the dog. *
  • The philosopher sitting in the boat could not keep up. *
  • He went to the emperor and said: “Sarkar. If you allow, I can make this dog a wet cat.” *

  * The king gave immediate permission. *

  • The philosopher resorted to two passengers and picked up the dog from the boat and threw it into the river. *

  * The dog started to catch the floating pegs. *

  • He was now dying for his life. *
  • After some time, the philosopher dragged him into the boat. *
  • The dog went in secret and sat in a corner.
  • The king was also surprised at the behavior of the dog with the passengers of the boat. *

  * The king asked the philosopher: “At first he was doing jumps and actions. Now look, how is it sitting like a pet goat?” *

  • Philosopher said: “No one realizes the misfortune of another without tasting the trouble. When I threw this dog into the water, it understood the power of the water and the usefulness of the boat.” *

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