Sweet shop joke

by Michelle Fortes

A man phones the halwai shop for ladoos.The recording replies,
“Welcome to the sweets shop.For ladoo press 1,for rasgulla press 2,for kaju barfi press 3,for gulab jamun press 4,for malai pedas press 5……”
Since the man wants ladoos, he presses 1.
The recording continues,”For boondi ladoo press 1,for moti choor ladoo press 2,for besan ladoo press 3,for atta ladoo press 4…….”Man presses 2 for motichoor ladoo.
The voice is unrelenting.”For 1 kg press 1,For 5 kg press 2,for 1 quintal press 3….”
By mistake the man presses 3 (for 1 quintal).Realising his mistake, he quickly disconnects.
His phone immediately rings. Someone asks,”Sir, you have just ordered a quintal of motichoor ladoos.Please provide your address.”Man,”But I have not ordered.”
Caller. “Maybe your brother called.it was from this number only.Please give this phone to your brother.”
Man- “We are six brothers.To talk to the eldest press 1,to talk to his younger press 2,for younger than him press 3,for younger than the previous press 4,for the next younger press 5,for youngest press 6……”
Call got cut…😄😄😄

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