Silver medal

by Michelle Fortes

​Just for information on *Counterfactual Thinking*!!!!

*Have you noticed Sakshi (bronze medalist) was more happy than Sindhu ( Silver medalist) at the end of game*😳.

Its not incidental finding but proven fact in many research after studying reactions of silver medallist vs bronze medalist! 

Ideally,  silver medalist should be more happy than bronze. But, human mind doesn’t work like mathematics. 

This happens because of phenomenon of *Counterfactual thinking*. A concept in psychology in which there is  human tendency to create possible alternatives to life events that already happened, that would be contrary to what happened.

Sliver medalist think ” *ohh 😌 I couldn’t win the gold medal*.

Bronze medalist think *Atleast I got a medal*πŸ˜€

Silver medal is won after loosing but bronze medal is won after winning.

This happens Daily in our life also…

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