Secret to success

by Michelle Fortes

Today I want to tell you a small secret of success. This is a small tool that can create an amazing amazing result in anyone’s life who want success. The beauty of the tool is that it is very simple and that’s the danger also because unfortunately human mind fails to recognise that simple tools are the ones that bring great success.A small spanner sometimes is all that is needed to bring down a whole machinery or simple spanner is something that can maintain and make a machinary efficient.

So now you are going to see the simple tool for success. This is so profound and the beauty of the tool is you don’t have to believe in the tool. As I always say never believe in anything just try it for a while, if it works keep it else just do away with it, no matter who said it and what the tool is. This practice that slowly leads to self mastry takes just 5 minutes but the trick is to do it continuously for at least a month so that you can see the changes in you because at the end of the day the results only matters.

Everyday just before you go to sleep just do this. Look at the whole day and look at how successful you have been and look at the good things that you have done and feel happy about it and now look at the things that you have not done so rightly.Try to look at all the directions of how you could make it better, try to look at all the different possibilities keeping in mind what you actually wanted from those situations(spend a couple of minutes on this). Now close your eyes and in your mind imagine as if you are going back to the same situation and with the new knowledge that you have got now try re-doing the situation once again and do this again and again for every area of correction that you want to be corrected.Now that you have finished correcting all those places where you were not so correct feel happy about it and then go to sleep. As i said it’s so simple but consistency is the key of making this tool effective. Remember this is the small spanner that’s going to make you upgrade yourself everyday and create a better version everyday but the trick is to use it everyday and it means you are going to start it today. 😊

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