Playing with stones

by Michelle Fortes

As a kid, I liked playing with stones till one day i threw one and it hit my mother’s fowl and it died instantly. I thought i was just alone but surprisingly, my sister was right behind me watching.Then she said “give me #100 and i won’t tell mum”

I said “i don’t have but please don’t tell her, she will beat me up.”

The following day, Mum told her to wash the plates and sweep the surrounding, but she said: “Mum, TOM said he will do it”

Then she came to me and said: “TOM, u wash the plates and sweep the surrounding or else, don’t forget u killed a fowl”

Without hesitating, i washed the plates and swept the surrounding for her.

The next day, mum told her to go and fetch water and fill the drum. She said again: “Mum, TOM said he will do it”

Then she came to me and said: “TOM, u remember that fowl?? Fill this drum with water or else….”

That’s how i drew water and filled the drum.

That same day in the evening, mum sent her to the market to buy food items, and again she said: “Mum, TOM said he will go and buy them”

she came to me again and said: “TOM, don’t forget that the fowl is still dead, go to the market and buy d food items or else……”

I just stood up and went to my Mum with tears in my eyes, i found her sitted in the house, i went to her, knelt down and said while crying:

“Mum, I’m so sorry pls forgive me. I’m the one who killed your fowl but it wasn’t a deliberate action, plz Mum forgive me I’m sorry.”

Then she replied: “my son, the day u killed the fowl, i was at the window watching everything that happened. Your sister made u her slave because u did not want to come to me to confess and apologise. But now u have done it, u will be free, she will no longer use u again.”

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