Never postpone

by Michelle Fortes


_A sick person in a hospital bed was visited by relatives._

_The patient was on an oxygen MACHINE and therefore couldn’t speak._

_As they stood beside the bed, the patient took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote a note which he gave to one of the relatives who put it in his shirt pocket without reading and they continued with their conversation._

_After a few minutes, the patient died._ 

_The relative later picked the note from his pocket to know what the dead man had written._ 

_And guess what❗_ 

_Sadly the note read…._

_*”Please move away from there, you have stepped on the oxygen pipe. I can’t breathe again , you are killing me”.*_

🌹 *LESSON:*🌹

_Do you postpone reading posts❓_ 

_Or do you ignore picking calls because you are already close to the caller❓_ 

_They might be helpful to you or to somebody particularly at a most critical time._

_Please pick your calls, read that note._



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