Lost pen

by Michelle Fortes

​Please see the video until the end.

One day, in a classroom. Someone lost the pen. To trace out the pen  teacher   started checking all  the childrens bag.  in which one girl refused / shamed to let her bag for checking, class teacher was so furious toward the poor girl thinking that she must be the one who stole the pen. Luckily the head of the institute saw this. To avoid the embrassement to the girl infront of her friends,  she called the girl  to her office and checked the bag. the bag was full of left over food waste. Seeing the food waste, both amused to know the matter. 

With tear in her eye, she explained  – she was saving her  family from starvation by secretly collecting the left over food of her friends  lunch. A touching part of ~  persian film. 

Think, brothers and sisters! 

While wasting / over consuming / to show your pride


We have to answer to God. 

Even if you waste one grain. 

Thanks for watching.  😊

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