Look after your parents.

by Michelle Fortes

_*Thought For The Day*_

A young billionaire rushed into a hospital. He asked the receptionist, “How is my mother? When and why was she admitted?”

The doctor said, “Your mother suffered a mild stroke. She was brought to the hospital in time by the elderly couple sitting there.

The son thanked the elderly couple profusely. “I am sorry I don’t recognise you”, he said. The lady replied that they didn’t know him either. The son was surprised.

“How do you know my mother?” he asked. The gentleman replied, “she is a member of our WhatsApp group”. The son looked dazed.

The gentleman continued, “we have a group on WhatsApp — _The 60 Plus Group_.

Everyone sixty and above is a member. It is the duty of the members to enrol those in their neighbourhood.

_Everyone has to send a “Good Morning” message everyday. Similarly in the afternoon and night. The members can chat, exchange views, etc._

_*If we do not receive the mandatory messages everyday, the neighbouring members are alerted and they make it a point to visit the member.*_

This morning, we didn’t get the message from your mother. That’s why we are here.”

“It is not enough if you have provided your parents with all the facilities money can buy,” he continued. “They need people to talk to. When was the last time you visited your mother?”

The son couldn’t answer immediately.

“See, that’s why we have this group. Otherwise, we 60+ people would be talking to walls and windows”, the couple said as they left.

*_Don’t forget that while you are busy growing up, your parents are growing older_* 🙏🏻

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