Lesson from Late Jayalalitha

by Michelle Fortes

And poor Jayalalitha departed. She could not take anything with her. The imperious Jayalalitha who ruled over Tamilnadu became just a memory. She became the permanent occupant of 6 feet of public land, not in any of the thousands of acres she owned ! She was taken in a gun carriage though she had a good fleet of luxury cars and vehicles, leaving empty handed, and leaving everything earned through ulterior means for others.
– 1197 Acres in Tirunelveli, 200 Acres in Valajapetta, 100 Acres in Otthukkotta, 25 Acres in Shiruthavoor, 200 Acres and another farm of 100 Acres in Kancheepuram, Grape Garden of 14.5 Acres in Jeedimetla village in Ranga Reddy district in Telangana, Kodanad Tea Estate of 1600 Acres with Bunglows in Nilgiri.
Besides these she had massive 24,000 sqft residential property called Veda Nilayam in Poes Garden costing about Rs.100 Crores, four commercial buildings, including one each in Chennai and in Hyderabad. Other properties included 800 kg  silver, 28 kg  gold, 750 pairs of shoes, 10,500 sarees, 91 watches and other valuables, two Toyoto Prado SUVs, a Tempo Traveller, a Tempo Trax, a Mahindra Jeep, an Ambassador car , a Mahindra Bolero, a Swaraj Mazada Maxi, and a  Contessa. The nine vehicles are worth around Rs 42,25,000. ( As on 1997)- not to speak on Benami properties held elsewhere or later additions.
This is lesson for all human beings – when the call comes from above, you can’t even wait to say bye to your near and dear ones. No one can help you, no one can save you – not the followers who were ready for a signal to do anything even to give their lives, a battery of servants to waiting for an instruction, or a battalion of officers ready to take orders, best hospitals, best medical brains from India and abroad – repeat no one. It is also a lesson that whatever one amasses arrogantly through good or bad means through deceit, giving pain to others, will have to be left behind.
Sometimes, even the offering of last drop of water or performance of last rites may not be by a blood relative as in her case.

Realise that we are only travelers here and have to leave for the next destination. So give up ego or all that are related,  realise one’s own true self,  be a good human being showing empathy to fellow beings.

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