Legend of the Stork

by Stories

Infant Jesus was lying in the manger in the stable in Bethlehem and all the beasts and birds of the world rushed to greet the newly born King of the world. They knelt down to pray and adore the beautiful baby. The ox and other pets bowed down in their stalls and places while the wild animals remained outside the stable in the hope of getting a glimpse of the Holy Son. A long-legged stork with white feathers and a high crest also came to see the young King. However, he was moved with compassion when he saw the baby King lying in the bed of straw with no pillow under his head while he could sleep cozily with his feathers curled around him.

Moved to his heart, this kind stork knew that he possibly could not give a crown to the young King but he certainly could provide soft feathers for His pillow. Despite all the pain, he tugged and tore at the softest plumes on his breast that made the best pillow fir for the Holy King on which the Holy Child laid his small head and smiled comfortably. Since then, the stork is considered blessed as it gave a part of his own body for the comfort of the Christ. Spotting a stork on the chimney or flying in air considered a lucky omen ever since then and he is also considered a patron of babies everywhere.

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