Kings advise to his sons

by Michelle Fortes

Long time a go there was a powerful king in south. The king had three sons. One day the king thought of giving proper education to his children, so that when time comes they can take proper care of kingdom.
With this thought in his mind he called his sons and told,” Dear children there is not a single pear tree in our kingdom, I want that all three of you go one by one at an interval of four months each and find out everything about that tree.” All three sons followed the king’s order and went one by one,in search of the tree and returned,
After they came back the king called them in his court and asked them to give details about that tree.
First son told,” Father the tree was twisted and dry.”
The second son interrupted and told,” No the tree was green but there was no fruit on the tree.”
Finally the third son told,” My dear brothers, I think you have seen some wrong tree, because I have seen the real pears tree, it was great and full of fruits.”

And all three of them started debating with each other. Seeing all this the king got up from the throne and told,” There is no need to have debate amongst yourself, in reality all three of you are correct. Knowingly I sent you all in different seasons to find out the tree. What you have seen was as per the season.
I want that based on this experience you all must learn the following three things –
First – If you want to gather right and full information about anything or any person, you must observe them sincerely for long duration. Do not take any decision based on a glimpse of it.
Second – All the seasons are not the same. There are ups and downs in human life also, just like trees.
Trees are dry, green and full of fruits depending on season. If you are passing through a bad phase, keep your cool and have patience. Time changes everything and the bad phase will also pass on.
Third- Do not get stuck at a point, thinking that you are always right. Open up and listen to others. This world is full of knowledge. You cannot earn the knowledge of all fields, even if you put all efforts to acquire it. Therefore never hesitate to consult an expert person of the field, in case of confusion.

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