Handle my life

by Michelle Fortes

I asked God

*how to handle life*?

God Replied  *Check Your Room*

My room gave me all the answers: 

Roof said : *Aim high. 

Fan said : *Be cool* 

Clock said : *Value time*. 

Calendar said: *Be up to date*. 

Wallet said : *Save now for the future*. 

Mirror said : *Always observe yourself* 

Lamps said : *Light up other’s life*. 

Wall said : *Share others’ load*. 

Window said : *Expand the vision*. 

Floor said : *Always be down to earth*. 

Stairs said : *Watch each step you take*.

And  I Said 

*Thank You God*

💐 Have a great Day 💐


Father and daughter went to a temple. Suddenly, daughter  shouted after seeing the pillars of Lions at the entrance of the temple.    “Run Dad, or those Lions will eat us ”

Dad consoled her saying “they are just statues and wont harm us”

Daughter replied ” if those lion statues wont harm us then how could statues of God give us blessings”

The father wrote in his diary…

“I am still speechless on my child’s answer and have started searching for God in Humans instead of statues. I didn’t find God but I found humanity!!

 so do our best to people who are around us…


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