Haircut for life

by Michelle Fortes

Once, while working in my salon, a teenage girl came and asked me to cut her hair. When I asked her what style she wanted, she said “any which you like.”
I was a bit surprised because most of the customers were always skeptical about the cut they wanted. They would think, talk to their friends first, take my suggestion and then finally decide what cut they would go for.
I asked her, “Are you sure ?”
She was firm and confident. She was continuously smiling. She said “yes.”
I started my work. Washed her hair and asked her to wait for a couple of minutes.
But the constant smile on her face was a secret.
I couldn’t control my curiosity. I was in a low phase of my life, and seeing someone so happy made me wonder about the secret behind her happiness.
So I asked her, “How are you sso happy today? Any celebration or surprise you anticipating?”
She smiled more. She said “no.”
Then she continued.
“I’m diagonized with cancer. I got the reports today and the doctor said I won’t have much time to live.”
I was shocked. How can someone be so happy about it?
I then asked her, “Sowhat makes you so happy about it?”
She said, “Why shouldn’t I be? My mom and dad have now given me complete independece to do whatever I want, however I want. I can get any haircut I want. I can wear any dress I want. I can party with my friends all night. I can roam freely like a queen.”
I looked at her eyes through the mirror.
There was no pain in her eyes. There was no complaint. There was no hesitation. There were no tears. All I could see was joy. Even though she knew that she wouldn’t make it, she still was cool about it.
And me on the other side who did not suffer any life threatening disease would always remain upset and complain about how life was unfair.
I gave the girl the best hair cut I could ever give to anyone in my entire career. After finishing, I hugged her and we chatted. She told me about her plans. She was going to eat lots of crabs and pizzas. She would go on a Euro trip, buy many many clothes and make lots of boyfriends.
She shared her number and left.
We kept talking to each other on WhatsApp and sadly, one day there was no response from her. And she never did reply.
The girl’s positive attitude towards her life, even though she knew would die one day, completely changed my perspective towards life.
Live your life to the fullest as if it’s going to be your last day. You never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

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