Government job

by Michelle Fortes

once three workers were allotted to a government office. The officer in charge gave three men , three types of work. The first to dig the ground, the second to plant a tree and the third to fill the tree plantation. The next day, the second man fell sick and did not report. Now the first and the third were confused. They tried contacting the officer in charge  regarding the job to be done. As usual the officer in charge had no time for them and scolded them to do their jobs as asigned . So the first man started digging and the third man kept filling it up. An old man who was observing them for over two hrs asked them what were they doing. The two frustrated with no more explanations cried out, this is a government job.

Moral no instruction stands good if the main purpose is not served. In life we plan to do things in a way. But life is not the same with surprises, obstacles and hurdles. We need to listen and plan again to be successful. Take life as it comes and plan your way ahead , not follow rules of the past but create new ways for the future.

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