English some answers …

by Michelle Fortes

Unexpected Answers. …..
Are you chewing gum?*”No, I’m John Smith.”*
What are you going to be when you graduate?”*”An old man.”*
“I spent three years in college taking medicine.”*”Are you well now?”*
“Now that you’re married, you should have some insurance”*”But why? My wife isn’t dangerous.”*
“Do you say a prayer before you eat?”*”No, we don’t have to. My mother is a good cook.”*
“I’ve got a surprise for you, honey. I brought a friend home for dinner.”*”Who wants to eat friends?”*
“We are having mother for dinner, darling.”*”Make sure she’s well done.”*
“I want some rat poison.”*”Should I wrap it up or do you want to eat it right here?”*
“It seems that everything I say to you goes in one ear and out the other.”*”Well, I guess that’s why I’ve got two ears.”*
“May I hold your hand?”*”No, thanks, It isn’t heavy.”*
“Does water always come through the roof in this place?”*”No, sir, only when it rains.”*
“When will you straighten out the house, dear?”*”Why? Is it tilted?”*
“Do these stairs take you to the second floor?”*”No, you’ll have to walk.”*
“I have changed my mind.”*”Thank heavens! Does it work better now?”*
“Would you like your coffee black?”*”What other colors do you have?”*

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