Advent candles

by Michelle Fortes

‚ÄčAdvent is a season of waiting with hope for our salvation, for Jesus Christ, the Saviour and the light of the world.

Advent wreath:

The circle of the wreath, which has no beginning or end represents:

# The eternal God

# the unending love of God for us

# everlasting life found in Christ .
The wreath is made of different evergreen leaves showing our eternal life with Jesus Christ.
In the advent wreath:

#The pointy Holly leaves and red berries represent the crown of thorns of Jesus and his Blood. 

#pine cones symbolize the resurrection of Jesus.

4 candles represent 4 weeks of Advent
3 candles are purple/violet

1 candle is rose/pink in colour.
Violet candles signify a time of ‘Prayer, Penance and Sacrifice’

This colour also stands for the kingship of Jesus.
1st Candle is called the ‘Candle of the Prophets’. It is tge Candle of HOPE. It reminds us about the message of the prophets who told the birth of Jesus hundreds of years before He was born.
2nd Candle is called the ‘Candle of Bethlehem’. It is the candle of LOVE. It reminds about the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.
3rd candle is called the ‘Candle of the Shepherds’. It is the candle of JOY. It reminds us of the joy experienced by the world at the birt of Jesus. It shows how God uses ordinary people to soread tge Good News of Christ. 

This is Pink/Rose in colour.
4th candle is called the ‘Candle of the Angels’.

It is the candle of PEACE. It reminds us the message of the angels at the birth of Jesus: “Peace on Earth to all people of goodwill”. 

This candle is also Purple/ Violet in colour.

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