The Balls of life

by Michelle Fortes

Beautiful msg👌👌👌👌👌

When you are 20

You are like the base ball Taken and put around till you win No matter what you want , you have to speed up and do it.

When you are 30

You are like a hockey ball , charging away to the goal pit. destined to make your goal and. Acheiving the matches of life .

When you are 40

You are like the cricket ball. where each ball matters and you can spin and race around by the bats man of your life. You win for both teams .

*When you are 50*
you are like a basketball,
everyone wants you,
because you can still
earn an income or work or
You are experienced with long distant shots and you can jump the biggest baskets of life


*When you are 60*,
you are like a volleyball,
if you can still work everyone will aim for you, as you are available and have a never ending home jobs like babysitting, marketing.

*When you are 70,*
you are like a football,
A will kick it to B,
B will kick it to C,
C will kick it to D,
Children are grown up
and you have grown old,
no one wants you any more.

🏌⛳ 🏌⛳🏌⛳🏌⛳
*When you are 80*,
you are like a golf ball,
a swing of the club….
wherever you land is
where you perhaps will
end your life !!

*Therefore, when you are in your fifties and sixties*,
pay attention and take good care of your own self and do not let your self be tortured by life or other people.

*Feel free to buy what you want and eat all you want, do not hesitate! Do not be stingy to yourself.*

Be healthy and don’t burn your life for others. Do the things you want and earn to respect yourself first.

Walk and walk and never give up. You only grow old but you have everything in your body to be active and vibrant. As long as your heart beats continue walking .

Have your own hobbies. Finish whatever you ever wanted to do with life. You lived for your family till now. Now redefine your life . Your kids are grown and have a life of their own . Now live for yourself physically emotionally spiritually and financially.

Enjoy what you have earned. You have done enough for others. Climb a mountain or lie in bed reading the book of your life. Go to places and enjoy nature.

But above all be happy, be yourself and leave good memories of you wherever you go. For tomorrow they will only remember your Today…

Or….By the time you realise,once your heart stops beating and your lungs stop breathing you’d be gone into the Golf Ball Era…!! 😢😢😢 ,
*Love yourself and be kind to yourself

dedicated to all Citizens*

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